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Why Choose Us?

Employee education:
We provide customized onsite and/ or online employee education meetings to meet the needs of the employee demographic.

To reduce plan costs – fee transparency & using revenue sharing to offset expenses:
We work with plan vendors on your behalf to document and disclose all investment-related fees and revenue sharing arrangements. This ensures that trustees know exactly how much the plan service providers are being paid and what services are being provided.

Written Investment Policy Statement:
We work closely with our clients to construct an Investment Policy Statement that establishes rigorous guidelines and procedures to shield plan trustees and administrators against fiduciary liability.

Our investment selection and monitoring process:
Through our comprehensive mutual fund selection process, we are able to uncover the right mix of funds for your plan. We continually monitor the funds we recommend for your retirement plan by establishing stringent and objective criteria that each fund must continue to meet in order to remain a viable option for your plan. By pre-establishing the criteria, we can remain objective in our decisions and provide you with unbiased recommendations regarding your fund selection. Our clients are provided with Quarterly Investment Benchmarking Analysis and Annual fiduciary reviews.

To reduce liability:
Plan fiduciaries have a personal liability. Our fiduciary agreement empowers us to discharge our fiduciary responsibilities unencumbered, thus reducing personal liability to the plan Fiduciaries.

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) allows retirement plan fiduciaries to transfer their liability to qualified investment managers who:

  • Have the discretion to manage, acquire, or dispose of any asset in the plan.
  • Is registered under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.
  • Have acknowledged in writing that they are a fiduciary with respect to the plan.