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Wealth Management

If you’re in medicine, you’re not like everyone else.

Every stage in your career, from the time you enter medical school, requires specialized money management. That’s why we developed the WealthCare Protector©, a financial system designed specifically for medical professionals. Over the course of a busy medical career, it is easy to accumulate plans and programs that all seem to have a place, but are lacking in purpose. Our planning process is designed to define, organize and optimize a physician’s financial life so that you can have as much confidence in your resources, as your patients have in you. After fifteen years of working exclusively with physicians, we understand the culture of medicine; the opportunities, the fears and the strategies for success.

Physicians Financial Navigator

The Physicians Financial Navigator is our proprietary roadmap of the five financial phases that physicians go through, during the course of their medical career. We use the Navigator to identify financial concepts that are appropriate for your stage in your career. Providing a sense of perspective, the Physicians Financial Navigator allows you to focus on the priorities that you have today, identify any missed opportunities of the past and develop a timeline for future financial strategies.

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