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Meet Our Team

The Integrated WealthCare team is comprised of professionals directly involved in the firm, as well as outside specialists with whom we affiliate. Through our unique, collaborative model, we are able to design comprehensive financial solutions that coordinate all aspects of a physician’s financial life. Our professionals collaborate for your benefit, rather than compete for your interests.

Capital Wealth Management Partners

Lee Duckworth

Lee A. Duckworth, CFP®, AIF®

President and CEO- Capital Wealth Management, LLC.


Lawrence Dooley

Lawrence F. Dooley, Jr., CFA

Chief Investment Officer- Capital Wealth Management, LLC

(401) 885-1060 x102

Brian Glatz

Brian A. Glatz, LIFA, AIF®

Director of Research & Senior Portfolio Manager- Capital Wealth Management, LLC.


Rebecca  Records

Rebecca Records, APR, AIF®

Director of Retirement Plan Services- Capital Wealth Management, LLC.


Karen Cancellieri

Karen Cancellieri

Client Service Specialist- Capital Wealth Management, LLC.

(401) 885-1060 x114

Ginny Perez

Ginny Perez

Director of Financial Reporting- Capital Wealth Management, LLC.