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Disability Insurance Is Not All the Same

There are many plans for different medical industry specialties. Some plans are appropriate for diagnostic specialists, while others are specifically tailored to interventional and surgical specialties. It is important that your disability income plan reflect your specific needs.

We Work for You

At Integrated WealthCare, we do not represent an array of insurance companies. We represent you in finding the most competitive contract for your specific needs, with the right company that can provide it. With the help of our partner, Icon Exchange, we will help you define your need, analyze the relevant contracts, and lead you through an informed and educated decision regarding the most appropriate plan of action.

In Partnership with ICON Exchange

Launching in early 2021, ICON Exchange is a healthcare credentialing app that helps medical professionals find work. It is a simple and secure way to store and send credentials to medical practices when applying for jobs. ICON Exchange is part of ICON Anesthesia, a staffing company that connects anesthesia professionals with leading facilities.

Membership for ICON exchange is free for those who pre-register. Sign up here!

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How It Works

We are disability insurance experts. We evaluate your current disability income plan & help you get the right coverage for your specialization.

1. Fill out preliminary evaluation online.

The form takes less than 5 minutes.

2. We prepare a free detailed analysis and send to you via email.

This takes us about 2 business days.

3. Sign up to schedule a review call via a link within the e-mail.

We'll go over the analysis & discuss next steps.


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