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We recognize that your specialization allows you to practice and earn a living.
Your disability income plan should equally reflect your specific needs.  

All disability insurance plans are not the same.

In fact, some plans are completely inappropriate for a physician, while others are designed specifically for physicians and even certain specialties.

At Integrated WealthCare, we do not represent an array of insurance companies. We represent our clients in finding the most competitive contract for their specific needs, with the right company that can provide it. With the help of our partner, Icon Exchange, we will help you define your need, analyze the relevant contracts, and lead you through an informed and educated decision regarding the most appropriate plan of action.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are insurance providers declining applications due to COVID-19?

This has been an ongoing rumor that is not true. Insurance providers are still accepting applications. In fact, qualification has been streamlined to account for prudent distancing.


Am I eligible for Disability Insurance since I am a health care provider?

Yes, there has been a lot of false information about HCP’s being considered high risk and being denied Disability Insurance.


Will I be penalized or have higher rates because I am a health care provider?

No, your premium is based on your personal risk factors, medical and occupational as compared to others in a similar situation. Health Care Providers are not being singled out and penalized.